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Voice Party


Party games on a whole new level! Transform any ordinary get-together into a super-fun party with 4 amazing games guaranteed to get people laughing! Includes Secnetnes, Noise Master, Sillyrics, and Story Bomb.**Secnetnes**Record a sentence and play it back in reverse. Now everyone tries to say that sentence in reverse, and Voice Party records each attempt. Voice Party will play back everyone’s attempts in reverse to see who came closest to saying the original sentence. Get ready for pure nonsense!
**Noise Master**Charades with a twist! Without speaking, use sounds and gestures to demonstrate the target word. For an even bigger challenge, you are only allowed to make sounds. How good are you at imitating the cry of an eagle?
**Sillyrics**Sing the totally random phrases that Voice Party matches to well-known songs. Create and record your nonsensical karaoke musical masterpiece! Just because the lyrics are absurd doesn’t mean you can’t sing your heart out.
**Story Bomb**Record individual sounds and use them to string together fun stories with your friends. Will you weave a story that actually makes sense? It doesn’t matter!
Connect with friends and see who can rise to the top of the leaderboard as the most skilled party-gamer! Grab some drinks, open a bag of chips and get ready to have a blast: it's time for Voice Party!
FEATURES:- 4 party games: Secnetnes, Noise Master, Sillyrics, Story Bomb- Catchy music- Well-known songs just waiting to be butchered- Each game has a variety of categories to choose from- Brain-challenging party games- Stimulates creativity- Great ice-breaker at any party!